Jacques and Kamille planned our adventure into the Green Belt to explore the heart of Austin's most quiet and secluded oasis. This engagement session filled my soul with all that I love and miss dearly about Austin, Texas. Lush hikes with roots crossing over the paths, clear trickling creeks sometimes deep enough to swim in, and sunshine; so much warm sunshine seeping through the trees. City life can get busy, but the moment you step into the Green Belt, you forget that the city exists at all. And that was how our day together went. We left our cars to the warming sun and snuck off into the dense forest. Jacques had Kamille and I laughing with all of his silly jokes and intense stares at the camera. He's quite a character and with sweet Kamille to encourage him, (and sometimes reel him in) he's found his perfect match. Jacques's family moved to Texas from South Africa when he was young and the two knew of one another from Brownsville, TX, where they both grew up. They never really connected until Jacques got into professional longboarding and Kamille moved out to Los Angeles, working for Disney in California. Kamille thought Jacques was one pretty cool dude and made the first move, messaging him via facebook and asking about his brother and sister. Kamille had directed a theatre camp they attended and figured it was a good "seque" into conversation. Turns out, it was, and Jacques thought Kamille was an incredible lady; talented, beautiful, and sweet. They each realized they had a strong liking towards one another and kicked off their relationship with many trips in between Austin and LA. Kamille and Jacques dated for 2.5 years when Kamille realized the nature of their relationship and panicked! She claims it was absurd, but at the time chose to drop everything and take an impromptu hiatus to find herself. She left the states and ventured off to Paris, France. (Kamille loves the book, The Little Prince, btw. It was written by a French artist and is the book And Two Were Tamed got our name from!) Though Paris was incroyable, (meaning = unbelievable, Kamille is amazing with words but I had to look it up!) and she loved the area, she realized within a few months that the home she was so desperate to "find" was waiting for her back in the heart of Texas. Home was with Jacques, and Kamille returned to the states to settle in Austin, Texas with her man. Jacques knew he could not let her go again. Their love grew stronger than ever, and as they walked in the door to Kamille's favorite restaurant, The Gristmill, Kamille found her mom, sitting at a table. Kamille began to cry, not having seen her family in months! But before she could run to hug her, Jacques pulled her back, told her he loved her, and asked if she would spend her life with him. She said he was so nervous that he just handed her the ring box with the engagement ring inside. With tears in her eyes, Kamille said yes to this South African born, Texas raised gent, who flew in their immediate families so that everyone could celebrate in their joy and engagement! The rest is really history, until their weather bound Chapel Dulcinea wedding followed by their intimate reception at Thyme and Dough in Dripping Springs, Texas. Keep an eye out for it on the blog soon!