The Experience


The Experience

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First Step

So you like what you see! Awesome, I love that! I'm here to capture your wedding or elopement, to consider your personalities while creating emotional photographs that will tell your story. By now you’ve seen my work and probably laughed at my weirdness + how much I love my dog. Wait, maybe you're here because you solely want to meet my dog. I guess that’s cool. Either way, the first step is to fill out my contact page so I know what you’re after and if I have your date open!


Let’s Meet

I’ll send over my pre-questionnaire which will help me get to know you better and allow me to visual what you’re dreaming up for your wedding or elopement day! At this time we’ll also schedule a phone date where we can iron out any questions on booking. Ready to include me on your adventure? Now you’ll reserve your date by signing the contract and sending in your deposit. At this point, our adventure together is a go and we can delve deeper into planning, scouting locations, and getting overly excited while sipping margaritas.

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Together we will set a timeline to keep activities and guests organized the day of. The goal here is to have adequate time to capture your day without rushing photos or potentially missing important moments. Wait, did we just become best friends? I will not only be invested your story, but also care about you as a person and your experience as a bride/groom. This day should be completely yours; magical af, and full of fond memories! I will assist in that. Feel free to ask me ANYTHING, I’m your Google, your best friend throughout this planning process!


Wedding Day!

I’m not a staunch stand in the corner person, especially on your wedding day. I will tell silly stories on trail while stumbling over rocks then work my magic on the dance floor while snagging photos of your grandma slaying. If I accidentally become a part of your crew it's a good thing! They'll forget I’m there to take photos and honestly, that is my goal. That I feel like a friend and your group can be present in having the time of your lives. This is my element, where I can truly capture your story unfolding and I can’t freaking wait.

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The Return

Because you’re expecting photos! Sneak peek's arrive within 48 hours of intertwining your lives + the full gallery follows within 2-4 weeks. Really?! Yea, because no one wants to wait forever to see their wedding photos, am I right? Although my turn around is quick, I do not rush the process. Your photos are one of a kind and I will never throw a filter on them and call it good. Your photos deserve way more! Therefore I hand pick, edit, and deliver them all myself. I do not and will never outsource any part of the creative process, but personally work with your photographs from start to finish.


The Best Part

If you ever loved me, no truly loved me, you would leave me a ravishing review + tell your friends to hire me! On a more serious note, this doesn’t have to end! I cannot be more thankful for each couple who has entrusted their story to me and by now, we’ve spent a lot of time together - why should that stop? The end of one adventure only means the beginning of another. I’d love to join you on another hike, camping trip, or coffee date together. You guys make my job what it is, thank you for being so incredible and trusting me to tell your story!

So what does it all look like though?

The best part about rugged elopements and intimate weddings is that you can make them into anything that you want. Keep all of the traditions or toss them to the wind - there’s no wrong or right answer here as long as your ceremony is meaningful and symbolic to you and your love. Your wedding day is a time to commit your lives to one another and to craft a magical experience that you’ll carry on with you into your marriage. What kind of memories do you want to make and relive again and again and again? Maybe choosing to elope by hiking up a Colorado fourteener at sunrise with your love or including your pups by trekking to your favorite mountain pass together? Are you a mountain biker, a snowmobiler, a backcountry skier - why not incorporate these activities into your day? Want to try something new like off-roading up a 4x4 trail to a stunning icy blue alpine lake to say your vows? How about gathering your friends together for a backyard barbecue or an overnight backpacking trip together? There’s also climbing, dogsledding, helicopter tours, and quiet secluded mountain meadows where just the two of you can say your vows in the midst of natures reverent towers. This day that you’re planning is a reflection of you, your love, and your lives intertwining. Spend this day the way that you want to spend it. And if you’re looking for some guidance to get started, here are a few example timelines and possibilities to consider that could make your wedding or elopement an incredible experience all around! For more investment info on packages click here.

Example 6 hour timeline ($3,000)

3am: meet at trailhead with ample amounts of coffee to share and begin the hike up for sunrise

4:30-5am: arrive at the summit, pre-dawn photos with stars and headlamps

5:30am: getting ready photos, designate the perfect spot for your vows and ceremony

6am: ceremony time! Let’s say you want to read personalized vows to one another, exchange rings, makeout a bit, and share mimosa’s after popping champagne!

6:30am-7:30am: portrait time - explore the area and soak in the whole experience

8am: hike back down to the cars

9am: depart with good memories and tired eyes

Switch it up: imagine taking a private helicopter tour to say your vows in a secluded wildflower laden meadow or on an ancient alpine glacier! Return to a fancy af breakfast before relaxing the rest of the day away.

Example 8 hour timeline ($4,000)

1pm: getting ready photos and first look

2pm: meet at trailhead to begin the skin uphill with friends and family

3pm: secluded ceremony (because snow on trails) with an epic view and good company

3:30pm: group cheers with local beers and family/group photo time

4pm: portraits and time to explore the area

5:30pm: ski down to the cars

7pm: head to restaurant for cocktails and mingling

7:30pm: dinner and toasts

9pm: we say our goodbyes and part ways

Switch it up: imagine this is summer and you choose to take your family/friends on a jeep tour up to a turquoise blue mountain lake for your ceremony. Head back down to your airbnb and share the best meal of your life made by an incredible private chef.

Example 12 hour timeline ($6,000)

9am: breakfast in bed/snuggle session

10am: getting ready at your airbnb together

11am: first look

11:30am: head to ceremony site surrounded by towering mountains (think Yosemite!)

12:30pm: intimate ceremony with your loved ones

1pm: family group photos

1:30pm: picnic lunch celebration

2:30pm: begin hike to overlook

4pm: portraits at sunset/dusk

5:30pm: hike down together with headlamps

7pm: dinner reception in the backyard of the airbnb

8pm: toasts, stories, and brews shared around a campfire

8:45pm: first dance

9pm: we hug and say our goodbyes

Switch it up: imagine spending your day with friends by hiking at sunrise to your favorite crag and climbing the day away together. Change into your wedding attire and say your vows at the top of the spire or within the rugged mountain terrain at sunset. Hike down to enjoy a fulfilling meal at your campsite or in town at a fancy restaurant with your crew.

Example 24 hour/ Two Day Timeline ($9,000)

8am: meet at trailhead and begin the hike in

12pm: lunch on the first of 4 mountain passes:

4pm: hike down the second pass to arrive and set up camp

5pm: everyone gets dressed/ready

6pm: first look

6:30pm: saying your vows 18 miles into the backcountry surrounded by those closest to you

7pm: photos with friends/family

7:30pm: sunset portraits

8:30pm: campfire dinner

9:30pm: campfire festivities including whiskey toasts, smores, and that one friend who plays the ukulele

10:15pm: first dance as the fire dies down

10:30: bedtime

5:30am: wake up to rise and shine

6am: sunrise portraits (day after session)

7:30am: change into hiking attire and begin making breakfast

8am: breakfast and coffee are served!

9am: pack up camp and roll out (only 8 more miles to go!)

12pm: lunch on the last mountain pass

3:30: make it back to parking lot, lots of high fives and sad goodbyes

Switch it up: imagine doing this, but in another country? Yea?! I think so too.

Investment // Let’s do this!




& the story that got us here

A snippet from the book "The Little Prince" by Antione de Saint Exupery....


there was once a little prince who lived on a tiny planet

This planet was also home to a single beautiful rose that the prince watered and cared for. On a whim, he decides to travel and leave his home and his rose, eventually landing here on Earth. While traversing the countryside he stumbles across a bush full of roses just like his. The prince had believed that there were no other roses in the entire universe. Seeing them here he thinks of his rose; how embarrassed she would be to realize there were others like herself.

While gazing at the roses, a fox appears. This fox insists that the prince take some time to tame him. Curious, the prince asks how one would go about this sort of task. He learns that to tame the fox he must spend time with him, eventually gaining the fox's trust. So he does just that and the two become dear friends. At this point the prince decides his traveling is over and he returns to look at the roses again.

it is from this section of the story that I found & Two Were Tamed

"You're not at all like my rose. You're nothing at all yet", he told them. "No one has tamed you and you haven't tamed anyone. You're the way my fox was. He was just a fox like a hundred thousand others. But I've made him my friend and now he's the only fox in all the world. Of course, an ordinary passerby would think my rose looked just like you. But my rose, all on her own, is more important than all of you together, since she's the one I've watered. Since she's the one I put under the glass. Since she's the one I sheltered behind a screen. Since she's the one for whom I killed the caterpillars. Since she's the one I listened to when she complained, or when she boasted, or even sometimes when she said nothing at all. Since she is my rose."

by taming the fox, the prince learned the key to love and fondness

When you CHOOSE to invest time and energy into another wildly unique human being, you CHOOSE that person. As you grow fond in your investment, get to know one another's hearts, and build trust together, you allow the other to tame you and you them. Stay wild friends, together <3