Hello there!

My name is Micah Emily and I am the creative behind & Two Were Tamed. I was born and raised the "wild & free" middle child of my tightly knit family. I grew up on a farm in Western Oklahoma but moved to Colorado (love at first mountain!) at 22. At 23, I hitch hiked across the U.S. with my best girlfriend and fell in love with the documentary side of photography. My strength is in making other humans feel comfortable which enables me to capture real emotions and unposed moments. I strongly believe that the most authentic emotions a person can exude are those before coffee. Morning joe was a ritual in my family and it remains, deeply ingrained within my soul. 

I do this life thing with the sweetest husky pup named Kyote Elaine. She is a spunky sled dog who loves the outdoors! Exploring the beautiful rugged places that surround us all fills my being. I love to camp, to run, to hike. I also love quiet evenings indoors, re-watching old Star Trek episodes, and forcing Kyote to cuddle with me. She's literally the most energetic, independent, and stubborn pup. Reminds me a bit of myself.

Greatest of all time list:

Tex-Mex in Austin, Revive Campfire Kombucha, Drive with Ryan Gosling (I think the cinematography and the story are unreal!), GOT (still mad I have to wait until 2019), solo trek to Bali, backpacking through Yosemite, breakfast tacos and beer while relaxing in Sykes Hot Springs, Dodgers baseball at Dodgers Stadium, OK thunderstorms and sunsets, Wes Anderson Films, Sweet Cow ice cream, Crema Coffee, Sunday afternoons at grandmas, dad playing the guitar or fiddle before bed.


My Promise

The photos I capture are hand chosen, edited, and delivered by me. This means, I do not outsource any part of the creative process but personally work with your photographs from start to finish; carefully piecing together the unique story of your love. I believe as a wedding photographer that my job is not simply to photograph you, but to work alongside you, to truly tell your story from your perspective, not mine. I promise to invest in you and your adventure, to document your unique story as if it were my own.