Colorado is not only a beautiful state to elope in but it's a self solemnizing state where you can say your vows without the addition of a minister for an officiant. Liz and Angelo wanted a very intimate day to themselves without the added noise of other people, just their love for each other with an adventurous hike and to have it captured. I am occasionally hired out by Rayna McGinness Photography to capture elopements and this one was magical. Angelo is a photographer as well and brought a small camera with him to capture sweet moments of his beautiful bride. I absolutely love when couples bring their personalities into the day and these two were no exception. You can see some of Angelo's work here. Liz wore the most gorgeous tea length dress with her hair pulled up and boots on to finish the look, she was the most stunning bride! Angelo wore pants with suspenders, dark rimmed glasses, and converse. I'm telling you, this couple is stylish and adorable together! I couldn't get over their unique look. 

We began our hike off Flagstaff Rd and I let Liz and Angelo pick the spot they wanted to say their vows. They chose a lovely overlook with big rocks, a spectacular view of the valley, and trees lining each side. The two stepped onto the ledge and each shared their heart felt vows. Angelo teared up and Liz wiped his glistening eyes. Elopements are so beautiful to capture and I teared up watching their story unfold with such sweet love for each other. The two kissed and in Colorado Style cracked open a beer from Stone Brewery . I stepped back and let them soak in the first moments together as husband an wife. The sun was settling lower in the sky and they laughed and talked as I hopped around like a jackrabbit documenting this piece of their story. When they finished we walked further on to capture more photos of them together and we all hiked as the sun sunk lower and lower revealing a stunning sunset and casting Liz and Angelo in beautiful light. As we headed back to the cars I made sure to snap a photo of the clouds and them as they drove away in their rental car for the rest of their elopement weekend vacation. Hope you enjoy!