The reason for this sneak peek is solely because it is an impossible wait to share, so I'm sharing; this is just a sliver of the tide pool adventure session I had in Maui, Hawaii, with Carlo and Sophia. They have hired me to join them on this beautiful island for two weeks of adventure, sunshine, and all the acai bowls I can eat. The first three days have been so good, I cannot imagine what more there is to come. Fellow adventurers means fellow friends and we have had a blast exploring together. I flew in after sunset and waited for Sophia to pick me up from the airport. The drive was dark and I was so sad I couldn't check out my surroundings while riding in the passenger seat. The weather had already surprised me though, Hawaii is really mild and has low (comparing to Thailand and Bali right now) humidity. Traveling to this magical place has always been a dream of mine and my first impression was how lovely it felt to be in a tropical region and have my hair remain calm. Without seeing any of the landscape it had already raised in ranking. We eventually arrived in Lahaina, to Carlo and Sophia's adorable apartment, and fell asleep shortly after. Sadly, I would have to wait until morning to see the landscape. When we awoke, Hawaii surprised me again. This time, with views even more beautiful than I could have imagined. We each adorned swimsuits and drove to a little spot Carlo knew of from growing up in Maui. There was a short hike that led to a fairly steep, scrambling descent that traveled down the side of the island. Sophia faced her fear of heights as we each worked our way safely to the bottom of the cliffside. Third in line to descend I looked down towards my friends below. The ocean pounded against the stark cliffside with splashes and sprays of water before washing back out to sea. The water was a clear electric blue which looked even more striking against the black lava rocks that lined the towering walls of our return climb. And then, I saw them, the prettiest tide pools I've ever seen with clearest water revealing their depths. I cannot believe this place is real. Full blog post will be up when I return to real life.