This impromptu adventure session happened after Jeff proposed to Casey during their short trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado. Casey really wanted engagement photos in Colorado and we made it happen before they returned home! When looking for the perfect location for their adventure session we kept in mind the 10+ inches of snow we'd gotten over Christmas and if the offroads were closed vs cleared to drive. The possibilities are literally endless here as the Holy Cross wilderness is absolutely stunning. Ruling out the closed passes and roads that are solely accessed by snowmobile during the winter, we settled on exploring Redcliff, Colorado, and the surrounding area. 

Redcliff sits quietly in a valley surrounded by towering mountains, just off of highway 24. And I seriously love this road! Stretching from Minturn, Colorado to Leadville, Colorado, it winds up and over Tennessee Pass and shows off some of the less traveled areas of the state. If you know me very well you know how much I love the quaint little mountain town of Leadville. I'm an ultra runner and first heard about the small town when I read the book Born to Run. When I found out it was just a short trek from Breckenridge it became a staple day trip to sip coffee at City on a Hill, stop into the Melanzana shop, and hike a new trail in the stunning mountains that surround the old mining town. 

Redcliff is similar to Leadville, and both feel like you're actually in a small mountain town vs a tourist attraction state. I wanted Casey and Jeff to get outside the tourism and see what I love most about living and adventuring here. And these two were troopers! There were spots with knee deep snow to traverse along and steep hills that led to cliff drops and they never once complained. I love love love my adventurous couples and hope you enjoy looking through Casey and Jeff's Colorado Engagements!