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First Step

So you like what you see! Awesome, I love that! I'm here to capture your wedding or elopement, to consider your personalities while creating emotional photographs that will tell your story. By now you’ve seen my work and probably laughed at my weirdness + how much I love my dog. Wait, maybe you're here because you solely want to meet my dog. I guess that’s cool. Either way, the first step is to fill out my contact page so I know what you’re after and if I have your date open!


Let's Meet!

I always begin with a phone call where we can iron out any questions you have about booking and photography. When you decide you’re ready to include me on your adventure you’ll reserve your date by signing the contract and sending in your deposit. At this point, our adventure together is a go and we can delve deeper into planning your wedding or elopement, envisioning everything about your day, and getting overly excited while sipping coffee or margaritas.

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Together we will set a timeline for your photos throughout the wedding day. The goal here is to have adequate time to capture details without rushing or potentially missing important moments. Wait, did we just become best friends? I’m not only invested your story, but I also care about you as a person and your experience as a bride. Your wedding day should be completely yours; freaking magical, and full of fond memories! I will assist in that. Ask me ANYTHING, I’m your Google, your best friend throughout this planning process!


Wedding Day!

I’m not a staunch stand in the corner person, especially on your wedding day. I will tell silly stories on trail while stumbling over rocks then work my magic on the dance floor while still snagging photos. If I accidentally become a part of your crew it's a good thing! They'll forget I’m there to take photos and honestly, that is my goal. That you and those closest to you are so present in having the time of your lives that you forget about my camera. This is my element, where I can truly capture your story unfolding. I can’t freaking wait.

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The Return

Because you’re expecting photos! Sneak peek's arrive within 48 hours of intertwining your lives + the full gallery follows within 2-4 weeks. Really?! Yea, because no one wants to wait forever to see their wedding photos, am I right? Although my turn around is quick, I do not rush the process. Your photos are one of a kind and I will never throw a filter on them and call it good. Your photos deserve way more! Therefore I hand pick, edit, and deliver them all myself. I do not and will never outsource any part of the creative process, but personally work with your photographs from start to finish.


The Best Part

If you ever loved me, no truly loved me, you would leave me a ravishing review + tell your friends that they need to hire me! On a more serious note, this doesn’t have to end! I cannot be more thankful for each couple who has entrusted their story to me. The end of one adventure only means the beginning of another and I’d love to join you on another hike/camp/coffee date as friends.