Dan is THE sweetest guy. He emailed me asking if I could capture his proposal to Diana. His message was detailed and explained how they met, what their lives were like growing up, and how he desired to make everything in his proposal absolutely perfect for her. I could tell he had a considerate heart and so much love for this lucky girl. Dan spent time creating a book of photos and quotes of their memories together to give Diana when he proposed. He wanted to read through the album together and then have her find the ring he had stashed in the back cover of the book. Dan spent WEEKS on this project and hand crafted the book himself! When the proposal date arrived I hiked onto the trail and pretended to be out for a casual walk, throwing sticks for my excited husky puppy, Kyote. Dan and Diana walked past me and hiked to the top of the mountain that we were playing fetch on. I carefully watched as he handed her the book to read. They smiled and laughed while I inconspicuously snapped a few photos. Diana reached the end of the book and Dan knelt down on one knee. The sun was just beginning to disappear behind the mountains as Dan proposed and the light could not have been more perfect for his proposal! Diana was completely surprised and in their excitement they placed her gorgeous ring on the wrong hand. We all laughed and they enjoyed a moment of celebration for their engagement before we all hiked down together.