Candace is a fellow wedding photographer in Denver, Colorado. You can see her stunning work here. The two of us had been trying for weeks to meet up and model in front of the others camera, unfortunately our schedules would not allow it. Argh, the end of Summer can be crazy! As the weather cooled and wedding season slowed down we finally found time to take a drive up Guanella Pass together near Georgetown, Colorado. The brisk air was welcoming and we were able to wear sweaters, warm vests, and scarves for portraits in the mountains. You can insert all the gushy I love Fall quotes here haha. Candace has such a beautiful style and we laughed and giggled while scouring the woods for fun portrait locations. I encouraged her to hike and climb over moss covered rocks and steep inclines. As a photographer, I couldn't be happier because she was up for all of it. This fearless woman also got me out of my element, encouraging me to stand in front of the camera when I was content to keep photographing her. I was pretty unsure of what to do with my hands but thankfully Candace is super easy going and laid back. My modeling skills aren't on point but she has an awesome eye for the creative looks she desires to accomplish. My awkwardness could not deter her talent, if anything it challenged and inspired her more. That, in my opinion, is what makes a good photographer. No matter their model, they can bring out the best of every personality and create something beautiful. I had a fantastic model though, so enjoy this gem of a woman in photographic form!