It was several years ago now that highlining became a part of my photography life. I had gone on a wild hitch-hiking adventure (I know, I know - I must make an adventure journal entry for y’all about this!) that led me through Chatanooga, Tennessee, and most importantly couch surfing in Moab, Utah. It was here that I met the Moab Monkeys. So how do all these things connect? Here’s the short and sweet: in Moab I met absolutely incredible people who introduced very unadventurous me to climbing a via ferrata, rappelling, the world of slacklife, highlining, and even the insanity (said lovingly) of base jumping. If it weren’t for hitch hiking and if I hadn’t have couch surfed with the best dirtbags in Moab, I never would have ended up back in Chattanooga for Sarah and Damon’s engagement session on a highline.

I love when two favorite things come together for something amazing. I’ve always dreamed of pushing my wedding and elopement photography into the adventurous zone of backpacking, hiking, camping, climbing, highlining, along with any other outdoor sport you can think of. When Sarah and Damon asked me to join them at Signal Point for their engagements I couldn’t even hide my excitement. Okay - I can never hide my nor contain my excitement for anything, but this? This had my bucket full of stoke (if you’re a monkey, take my high five!)

Sarah and Damon met on a highline so it was only right to get them back out highlining in the same place and the same way that they met. Sunrise, highlines, and just the two of them while everyone else was fast asleep in tents. Signal Point did not disappoint and when the sun arose we were greeted with warm pink “alpine glow” (who knew that was a thing out East?!) and Sarah and Damon held each other close in their colorful puffy jackets to stay warm. We spent the morning laughing and testing our limits to the cold while walking and swinging around on the 1 inch webbing that held us high above the river bed. After Sarah and Damon’s last kisses unleashing from the highline we left the rig and headed to hot coffee and bacon at Chattanooga’s Milk and Honey breakfast spot - it’s a must if you’re in the area!