This adventurous engagement session was at the top of my favorite Hawaiian experiences in Maui - second of course to all the poke and fresh fruit I stuffed my face with daily! I've always dreamt of traveling to and working in one of the Hawaiian islands, taking in the views of the ocean from tall cliff sides and diving into crystal clear pools of water. Carlo, who was raised in Lahaina, Maui, had moved to Breckenridge, Colorado, where he met his beautiful fiance, Sophia. They fell in love in the mountains and when they decided to move back to Maui, they flew me out to capture their engagement photos on their beloved island. Carlo knew the perfect local spot to hang out for my first day there and we captured set 1 of their engagement photos while traversing the coastline.

In order to find our trail, we drove slowly around the quietest Northern side of the island. I was glued to the window until Carlo pulled off to park alongside the winding narrow road in a small patch of grass and gravel. It was hot and sticky when we jumped out - perfect swimming weather. Just 10 feet from the car there was a hidden trail found by pushing back branches that would reveal a well trodden dirt path leading down the side of the island towards the sea. We were high above the water as we neared the island edge. Sophia pointed for me to look and as I scanned the water I could see humpback whales breeching and spouting water into the air as we hiked. I remember taking in deep breaths and wondering if this place was actually real. As we reached the islands edge we found ropes to help us climb down the blackened lava cliff sides. Beneath us lay the clearest blue tidal pools glistening with sunshine. 

Carlo and Sophia carefully descended the cliffside. Helping one another out, Sophia was determined to overcome her fear of heights in order to get to our set location! She is one bad-ass adventurer and tears and high fives were shared as we found our footing down on the shore. When we reached the tide pools we were greeted with a large swell by the ocean and each of us watched as the waves thundered against the side of the island. Water sprayed up from its force and splashed down; creating ripples and foam in the pools - we just stood in awe staring at the beautiful back drop. Carlo mentioned that he had never seen the tide pools like this before. I think Mother Nature is amazing and I just love how the same scene can change with the weather, the conditions, and the timing of day. Carlo and Sophia donned their swimsuits for this adventurous engagement session and spent the day swimming, kissing, eating cuties (tiny baby oranges), and soaking in the sunshine! I hope you enjoy following along on this Maui adventure and stay tuned for part 2!