This last spring I had the opportunity to go sailing from Mexico to Guatemala with two of my cousins and a friend. When I arrived they revealed that they had had a terrible trip sailing in from Cuba and that they wouldn't be moving from Isla Mujeres, Mexico, for three solid weeks. With only a month and a half to travel my cousins and I spent the next two days trying to make a decision. On the third day we took off to backpack, ride chicken busses, stay in hostels, and take advice from locals and other travelers. What a fun and crazy trip that ensued. After all was said and done we had traveled through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, skipped El Salvador and Honduras via an extremely long bus ride, spent some time in Nicaragua, and finished our trek in Costa Rica. We met amazing characters from all parts of the globe, ate the most amazing food, swam in the bluest of oceans, slacklined across beaches, rode bikes to cenotes, and even crashed a birthday party on the beach. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip. To be continued in a second post.