Elopement at Hanging Lake? Yes, please. Hanging Lake is my all time favorite place to take friends and family who visit. The hike to get to the hidden gem is fairly mild and fun, plus you're surrounded by waterfalls and foliage the entire way up. This area never gets old and I'm always in awe of the beauty surrounding it. I might add that it's also the most perfect setting to get eloped in. This adventurous couple hiked up early, spent time getting ready in the woods, and proclaimed their vows under a waterfall in a secluded nook made from tree roots growing around towering rocks. After the ceremony and with no time constraints we were able to scour the area and take as many photos as we desired. Alli and Sean were up to get creative, even if it meant crossing streams and stepping onto precarious logs that were slick with moss. When we finally came down from the lake we regrouped in Glenwood Springs for an afternoon appetizer and drinks before they were whisked away to a romantic dinner and the end of a beautiful day.