I met Nicholas while hitch hiking across the country with my friend Cassandra. Having mutual friends in Virginia, he bought me a chocolate milk and handed me his knife. "You need this more than I do, just in case, you know." Though no situations arose allowing use of it I was grateful and at the end of our adventure he drove across country to visit; not once, but twice. We became close friends during these times and found that we shared a love for all things outdoors, Jesus, and good fellowship. During one of our cross country convos Nick made mention that he had begun pursuing a very special lady. I was a little wary at first but as time went on it because obvious that they were good, and I mean, really good for one another. I finally met this gorgeous ball of joy when she drove to Colorado with Nick on his third trip West. She has the most beautiful smile and the sweetest heart; she is lovely and the perfect height for my handsome brother. She's a coffee lover and an impactful and intentional friend. I decided pretty quickly that I liked her a lot. Nick had just asked her to marry him before their trip and I was honored to capture a few engagement photos while they were in town. Before leaving they asked me to come back East and photograph their wedding. Umm, yea, guys I'm ALWAYS down to travel! The countdown is almost over now and I'm so excited. I've just arrived in Virginia and already my trip has involved fantastic food, good coffee, intriguing conversations, and warm hugs. These wonderful things still haven't made up for the 1am flight Nick put me on but none of that will matter when these two say I do this Saturday evening. Enjoy browsing through this cheeky chilly engagement session!