Moving out is never easy. Theres's so much to be done, to be packed, to be thrown away. The worst part is leaving and saying goodbye to a season of good family style meals, late night talks, and living room yoga sessions with the room mates you called friends. We didn't know one another before moving in but that quickly changed as we settled into our poorly lit basement space beneath the mountains. With our room mate Ashley and our love for color the three of us turned it into a cozy, warm, and welcoming home. Her two cats and the plethora of couch surfers we allowed made our home full, and at times a bit frenzied. That didn't seem to stop us from housing 12 people plus us around Christmas and I wouldn't change the way we all slept wherever space was found. I've never lived in a house since that made my heart and life so full. Through fun adventures to disagreements and even that one time we didn't speak to one another, our friendship and care has remained. This is my friend miss Twyla Jericho aka Kayla Hall featuring Bing Bong the black cat and the other one, the cat who wouldn't stay out of my room.