Dinah was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Colorado. She's a lovely spirit and a fellow photographer. I've always enjoyed our conversations and inspiring ideas for new art. Dinah is someone who needs a partner who encourages that artistic flow and supports her passion for photography as well as painting. Steve entered her world. You could tell from the way her eyes lit up that he was quite a catch. Steve seems to bring Dinah a little closer to the ground and she lights up his life with her beautiful energy. We began our session at Sapphire Point near Breckenridge, CO for sunset and later headed to their house for steaks and smores. The stars were so pretty and we played around with the fire to capture a few nighttime shots. The evening ended with warm drinks, hugs, and smiles. I loved getting to work with these friends and capture their personality together. Please enjoy looking through their photos!