Every so often I volunteer up at The Dog Yard in Breckenridge, CO, otherwise known as Snowcaps Dog Sledding. I love helping out in any way that I can but most often I end up snuggling all the little guys that aren't old enough to run yet. This means puppies, yep, the cutest fluffballs you've ever seen romping through snow. There are around 160 gorgeous Siberian Huskies that live at The Dog Yard. Each year the crew retires a few, adopting the older guys out and introducing a new group of pups to the team. This Spring the crew had prepped a group of ladies in heat but it ended with them all not pregnant. They tried again in the Fall, this time successful, or shall I say too successful? They ended up with 24 new pups as one girl, Drea, ran loose and got a little frisky out in the yard. This meant extra puppies and all the more kisses and licks to go around. On one of my free days I made the drive up to play, cuddle, and snap a few photos of yard friends and fluffy faces.