Hayley has been one of my best friends since High School. We met on a mission trip to Germany and returned the next year as room mates for the whole summer. She's someone who will tell you what needs to change straight up and will hold you to your word. The moment I caught wind of this tall man named Luke I couldn't wait to meet him. Unfortunately that didn't happen until the week of the wedding because Hayley and I live across the country from one another. After meeting him I'm able to say that Luke matches her perfectly and takes extremely good care of my best friend. Their actual wedding day photos were taken by another photographer more local to the area but Hayley had asked me to take several photos of them together, prior to the wedding. We wrapped a bandana around Luke's eyes while Hayley prepared for their first look. We were fairly close to the highway at a turnout to a field that has a view of the blue ridge mountains. A few people honked as they passed and Luke took it upon himself to begin blindly waving and saying hello to those driving by. He gave us all a laugh and the photoshoot began.