Although the weather turned into blizzard conditions we safely traversed back and forth across the county for this winter wedding. The ceremony was a small one of family and a few close friends and it made for an intimate feel, especially when we returned to the reception site; a cozy cabin home set in the heart of Breckenridge. The bridal party was incredible and not only agreed to it but were also excited to hop into the storm and snag a few snowy photographs. They even started a snowball fight before rushing back into the warmth of the house laughing and brushing off snow. The night ended as family and friends gathered in the cozy log cabin to yummy food, champagne bottles being popped, and a fire crackling in the background. Whenever I left the reception I was welcomed to over 8 inches of snow on the road and light fluffy snowflakes hitting my lashes. I smiled and looked forward to editing the photos from the last few hours. What a lovely wedding.