throughout history, story telling has been held in high regard

re-calling a moment provides a doorway through which you can relive a glimpse of captured time
when a story is not retold its memoir falls into a forgotten time
I am a visual story teller and you have a story that should be kept alive

And Two Were Tamed

intimate elopements + adventurous weddings for the rugged explorer


Going on a life changing adventure? Do not forget your field notes.

Your wedding day will fly by so quickly when it arrives!

Quality photography can provide field notes for your fleeting memories, a visual time capsule of the adventure you embarked on with your love.

As you carefully design each detail for your day, make sure you also choose to document them.

With photographs, your story will unfold with each captured moment. 

Reliving your day via photos, you'll recall the raw emotion that surrounded you; the soft kiss from your lover, sand sifting beneath your bare feet, and the breeze playing with your dress and tousling your hair.

Let's document your story well.

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Hello friends! I am Micah Mathis, the creative behind And Two Were Tamed. I am a wanderer of the West Coast, a Siberian Husky mom to Kyote Elaine, and a meticulous lover of rocks and nature. One Spring, 4 years ago, I hitch hiked the U.S. and fell in love with the documentary side of photography. My strength is in capturing real moments and I believe the most authentic emotions a person can exude are those before coffee. If you agree to wake up early and hike with me, I'll make sure our adventure has its fair share of caffeine to keep us going. 


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