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Take a look at some of my thoughts behind different wedding locations and venues I've photographed at!

Destination Wedding Photographer // Destination Elopement Photographer

Destination elopements and weddings are my jam. I love to travel and explore new places, especially with other people. If you're considering saying your "I-Do's" in a particular destination away from home, all I have to say is, DO IT! When traveling to a new country or returning to a special place with your love, your senses are heightened and you take everything in with clarity. You are simply more present. This means you are able to embrace the morning sun, feel the soft kiss of the breeze, and hear the sounds of the new land surrounding you. What could be better than traveling with your loved one and intertwining your lives together along the way? If you want to wed in a destination but don't know where I can help you narrow it down based on your personalities and what you'd like to experience and explore while you're away from home. If you have questions for me, I've listed several in state and overseas areas I've traveled + photographed: California, Hawaii, Arizona, Maine, New York, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Bali.

California Wedding Photographer // California Elopement Photographer

California, what can I really say that would make this state more perfect for your wedding and elopement? The southern beaches like San Onofre, Leo Carillo, and Point Dume. Imagine waking up early to catch the foggy salty air moving out to sea, only surfers in the water to watch you exchange your vows. Drive inland to Death Valley to elope, surrounded by towering dunes of sand, layers of colorful rock to hike amongst, and relay your love for one another in complete solitude, only the rocks and sand to hear your vows. Also, Death Valley's light and shadows are amazing to photograph in. Travel to Big Sir and elope on Pfeiffer Beach or hike in to Syke's Hot Springs along a careening valley hundreds of feet below. All the while in awe of the redwoods and the fog that rolls through in the evening. We can collapse into the hot springs and relax after our 10 mile hike or take some steamy photos of you and your honey before or after eloping amongst the wise old redwoods giving their blessing. Let's go North into the Sierra's, Yosemite with towering ledges and cliff sides, Mammoth with beautiful mountain views and bountiful hotsprings, or Kings Canyon with icy blue alpine lakes and epic backpacking. Before reaching Oregon we can visit wildflower fields on the Mills Creek Falls trail, jump in the clear blue water of Lake Tahoe after eloping in Emerald Bay, or hike into the Arcata Community Forest behind Humboldt State University where the air is cooler, it rains a bit more, and there is old growth on the trees with massive Redwoods that seem so unreal its magical. California has so much to offer for weddings and elopements of every kind. 

Hawaii Wedding Photographer // Hawaii Elopement Photographer

Hawaii is typically a destination wedding and elopement site and it has every reason to be. From the second the islands come into view, you'll know you've made the right choice! Before landing you'll feast your eyes on lush green mountainsides rising straight from the ocean! Waterfalls return water to the sea and cliffside views are plentiful. Hawaiian islands are split up in small microclimates that can be visited by traveling to the another side of the island or hiking up a couple hundred feet. In fact, Hawaii experiences 10 out of the 14 climate zones, isn't that wild? Maui is a wonderful place to elope and you can choose between cliff sides on the Honoapiilani Highway near Whale Lookout Point or Lava Cliffs near the Nakalele Blowhole! I have a secret location near here if you're up for a climbing/scrambling adventure to some magical tide pools! Lahaina has numerous gorgeous beach spots and Hana. Eloping on the Road to Hana would be so epic. There are so many waterfall laden areas to choose from, adventurous hikes to cliff sides and ocean views, fruit to eat along the way if we don't stop at Coco's Ice Cream, and colorful beaches to choose from. Theres the Red Sand Beach and the Black sand beach. That's right, wee don't have to go all the way to Iceland to find a black sand beach to elope on! If you continue around the island there's also Kaupo, a magical climbing area with trees that resemble the Texas Treaty Oak tree and a black rock beach with massive pebbles that roll against each other leaving a thundering sound in the air. Oahu has the bustling city of Honolulu and attractions like Pearl Harbor! It's the busier of the islands especially compared to Big Island, more of a slow life farming island, and Kauai a beautiful island with taller cliff sides, magnificent waterfalls, and community style farming. So, yes, Hawaii would be the perfect destination for your elopement or wedding. 

Bali Wedding Photographer // Bali Elopement Photographer

( Gili Trawangan Wedding Photographer // Gili Trawangan Elopement Photographer ) Bali, Indonesia, is one of the most beautiful places to tie the knot. Bali's culture is enveloped with wonderful smells, smiling people, rich colors, fresh flowers, yummy fruit, and ancient traditions. There is so much to take in and so much culture to immerse yourself in and experience. I photographed a Yoga couple who together were teaching at a Yoga Retreat in Ubud. We did not photograph their elopement in Ubud but spent several days enjoying the local scene. Ubud houses the Monkey Forest which is a must see! It's on a fun walk way path with many feisty creatures who will take your water or your food if you're not careful. The shops in Ubud are bustling (the bride even bought her dress here in Bali for less than $100!) and the food is so delicious! I had my fill of dragon fruit, juices, and coffee paired with warm banana bread with black rice pudding every single day. We headed Northeast towards Amed to stay in the most magical airbnb! The Katana with Waterslide and View. This might have been my favorite stay on the trip! Not only was the house absolutely stunning, there was a house dog named Geisha along with a cat, a cockatoo, a long tail macaque, and a baby Asian Palm Civet. We spent our time here taking turns down the waterslide, playing in the pools waterfall, and drinking juices while watching the sunset and petting Geisha. It was the most relaxing and lovely spot on Bali. We then traveled to Padang Bai Port near the Blue Lagoon Beach to travel to the Gili Islands. We stayed on Gili Trawangan at the Villa Julius and chose a secluded location near driftwood remnants where the two eloped, barefoot on the sand! Is there any question left in your mind that this is where you should elope? Let me know if you need a little extra convincing!